November 21, 2016宝居智子個展 -増殖の行方-開催のお知らせ、作風の変化について

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Tomoko Hokyo Solo Exhibition –Destination of Pain/Sadness Breeding-

Time: From 26th of November, 2016 (Saturday) to 5th of December, 2016 (Monday)

* I plan to hold introduction session of my works at 17:00 on 26th of November, 2016

Place: 1st lobby, Renaissance Atyrau Hotel, the Republic of Kazakhstan

14 pictures which are newly prepared will be exhibited, including 4 ceiling paintings of “Maiko” which will be dedicated to “Syoujuin” in Kyoto, 2017. It is highly appreciated if you will visit my exhibition, and I’m pleased to share my change of feelings with you.



Tomoko Hokyo Solo Exhibition –Destination of Pain/Sadness Breeding-


-Theme of my art-

I express my pain and sadness which I felt during my childhood, considering current difficult situation of modern society at the same time. While desire and hate of human being is increasing, I would like to complain pain and sadness incurred by them through my pictures on behalf of children, animals and plants who cannot speak to them directly. I prepare my works to wish the world would be filled with full of love and peace.


-Introduction of 2nd solo exhibition in Kazakhstan-

I’m pleased to inform that I’ll hold 2nd solo exhibition in the republic of Kazakhstan.

Before holding this solo exhibition, I decided that I would change idiom of my work. One of the reasons of my decision is come from my life experience in Kazakhstan. Previously, I’ve expressed beauty and tradition of Japan through my works. However, during my stay in Kazakhstan, I felt some sense of discomfort toward my works, and found that this feeling is come from my wish that I would like to be a painter who can express the things, not being bound by race or country of individuals, nor “Japanese” style. After finding this feeling, I decided that I focus on “my origin of drawing pictures” considering the first moment when I started to paint in my childhood. Since my memory during my childhood is not the one which was very happy, and it brought me pain and sadness, I had sealed this feeling for a long time. However, I screwed up my courage and came face to face toward this feeling, and it brings me a new motivation to draw pictures.