May 15, 2017Tomoko Hokyo Solo Exhibition –Loves and Girls-

Explanation of Tomoko Hokyo Solo Exhibition – Loves and Girls –

Tomoko Hokyo Solo Exhibition –Loves and Girls-

From 24 th of May, 2017 (Wed) to 30 th of May, 2017 (Tue) (Closed at 6pm on the last day)

Gallery at 7 th floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi
We plan to hold talk session from 5pm on 26 th of May, 2017 (Fri).

【Introduction of Tomoko Hokyo Solo Exhibition – Loves and Girls -】

Almost 4 years passed after my movement to Kazakhstan. During my stay in Kazakhstan where a lotof races and cultures exist, I started to wish that the world will be filled with love and peace.
Especially, I would like to represent the voices of children who cannot express their feelings by their own voice, via my artworks.
The theme of this solo exhibition is “Love”. All persons are borne with and grow up with love from their parents. “Love” brings “Kindness”, and “Love” makes people “Happiness”. It is my pleasure that if my works with “Love” brings “Kindness” and “Happiness” to all the persons who see my works.

In this solo exhibition, I plan to display about 30 artworks, mainly Japanese paintings. I’ll be in the gallery during the whole period. It is highly appreciated if you can visit my solo exhibition when you are available.

Sincerely Yours,
Tomoko Hokyo