April 22, 2016Introduction of exhibition “Shinka” by Japanese painter Tomoko Hokyo


To describe Japanese beauty in accordance with “Shinka”


During the last year, there were several serious incidents all around the world. Especially I was terribly saddened by the series of terrorism. To protect cultures, religions and thoughts of each country is understandable, however I feel really sorry to see that a part of persons claim these things by the violence.


I was born and grew up in Japan and continued to make painting during my life. Although my paintings are helpless either to achieve peace or to change the situation of the world, however if the peoples who see my paintings receive a little warm and calm feelings, it becomes really my pleasure, and I would like to try my best to continue to create such good works.


I, Hokyo Tomoko as Japanese painter will hold exhibition at the booth of Yorozu gallery in Art Fair Tokyo 2016. I will exhibit my works which express Japanese beauty by traditional Japanese painting method under the theme of “Shinka”. The Meaning of “Shinka” is “a person/thing who desires to become mature, to blossom in the future”. The homophones of “Shinka” in Japanese language means “glowing up”, especially I expressed “inner growth” of a person in my pictures.


On my paintings, I use natural mineral pigments which are used in Japanese painting through the ages. Natural mineral pigments are painting materials which are made by ground natural minerals. In addition, natural materials like Japanese paper, silk, cake ink, chalk, gold leaf, glue are used for my paintings.


During the exhibition this time, I will exhibit painting of Japanese beautiful women who live during Taisho period (Japanese era just before World War II) and of flower-butterfly (called “Kachoga” which is homophones of traditional Japanese painting of flowers and birds). Total volume of my works will be around 25 pieces from small to large sizes, however due to limitation of space, the displayed works will be changed day by day, please kindly understand the difference between the days.


I’ll be always in my booth during the exhibition. It is my pleasure that I can meet the peoples who visit my booth. In case you have any questions about my works, please do not hesitate to ask me any time.


It is highly appreciated if you can visit my booth and enjoy my works.



Respectfully yours,

Tomoko Hokyo

April, 2016