August 01, 2020Group show “House of the Rising Light” at Dorothy Circus Gallery

【Notice of Exhibition】

Group show “House of the Rising Light” at Dorothy Circus Gallery is held. I participate this exhibition. The exhibition starts on July 30, 2020 at DCG Rome and London. The exhibition will be held until September 18, 2020.


Dorothy Circus Gallery


May 28, 2020Announcement of the publication and sale of the work in the magazine

[Announcement of the publication and sale of the work in the magazine]

My works have been featured on the latest issue of the bilingual art magazine “ONBEAT vol.12” on sale on April 27th (Mon.). Please be noticed that the numbers of works on the magazine has limited, and I am so sorry if the works have been sold out.

September 10, 2019Interview article on website/UNMIXLOVE

I received an interview by Yasuo Yoshikawa. I felt he is a very kind and friendly person. More surprisingly, I could feel relux even it was my first time to meet him. Yoshikawa san is very much talented to pull out the internal feeling and good motivation of personnel, I think, that is maybe brought from his experience of making up many people. I’m glad if you look the article!

Tomoko Hokyo Gallery for unmixlove

March 04, 2019Information Notice-Radio

【Information Notice-Radio】
◆Radio program name / J-WAVE TOKYO MORNING RADIO
◆Personality / Tetsuya Bessho
◆Broadcaster / J-WAVE(81.3 FM)
Broadcast date / time
6:00am-9:00am on6th(Mar)of Wed.
◆My interview will be aired from 8:35am-8:50


September 30, 2018Information Notice-Radio

【Information Notice-Radio】
◆Radio program name / ENTERTAINMENT NEXT!
◆Personality / Mikiko Minami
◆Broadcaster: Nippon Broadcasting System
Broadcast date / time
①13:40-14:00 on 30th(Sun)of Sep.
②13:40-14:00 on 7th(Sun)of Oct.
※ Kansai Area: ABC Radio / 6: 00-6:20 am

August 17, 2018Information Notice -TV

【Information Notice -TV 】broadcasting-

the scene of my work and the place where I’d like to visit if I have spare one hour will be broadcasted.
by Japanese Fuji Television.
Name of TV program: 1H Sense
Date and Time: from 9:54 on 19th of Aug
TV station: Fuji Television

* The broadcasting date and time may be changed due to unexpected reasons.

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July 25, 2018Published on Artcollectors(Magazine)

My art work was selected as a cover of the ”Art Collectors (August issue)” released today (July 25).

Please take a look!