August 01, 2020Group show “House of the Rising Light” at Dorothy Circus Gallery

【Notice of Exhibition】

Group show “House of the Rising Light” at Dorothy Circus Gallery is held. I participate this exhibition. The exhibition starts on July 30, 2020 at DCG Rome and London. The exhibition will be held until September 18, 2020.


Dorothy Circus Gallery


May 28, 2020Announcement of a Group Exhibition

-Announcement of a Group Exhibition-
New style of my works will be on display at the group exhibition. It is my pleasure that you take a look at them during this opportunity.
[Japanese-style Painting Exhibition held by Seiseikai (Exhibition Tour at Takashimaya department stores in Japan)
Takashimaya Osaka Store 6F Art Gallery

Date: from MAY 25 (Thu) to JUN 2 (Tue), 2020
10:00am – 6:00pm (closes at 4:00pm on the final day)
Inquiries about the work TEL: +81 (6) 6631-1101


Announcement of the publication and sale of the work in the magazine

[Announcement of the publication and sale of the work in the magazine]

My works have been featured on the latest issue of the bilingual art magazine “ONBEAT vol.12” on sale on April 27th (Mon.). Please be noticed that the numbers of works on the magazine has limited, and I am so sorry if the works have been sold out.

April 19, 2020Notice of postponement regarding next solo exhibition

Unfortunately, due to wide spread of COVID-19 in Japan, the date of next my solo
exhibition [Links] which is planned to be started from 6 th of May has been postponed for
some period. When the definite period of postponement has been settled, it will be
informed on my website separately. I hope all of you and your families stay safe and
healthy during the current difficult period all over the world. I continue preparing my new
artworks so that I may exhibit the artworks soon, so I hope you may also wait for a
while to see my new artworks till that moment.

February 06, 2020Exhibition Notice/展示のお知らせ


Tomoko Hokyo Solo Exhibition -Links-


5/6(WED)-12(TUE)2020, at Isetan Shinjyuku store 伊勢丹新宿店にて


Group Exhibition


4/22(WED)-28(TUE)2020, at Osaka Takashimaya store 大阪高島屋にて

5/6(WED)-12(TUE)2020, at Nihonbashi Takashimaya store 日本橋高島屋にて




October 03, 2019Art Expo Malaysia 2019

Art Expo Malaysia 2019

DATE:11th – 13th, Oct. 2019 (VIP Day 10th, Oct. 2019)

MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Center( MECC ), Kuala Lumpur

Art Expo Malaysia HP:




谷口ナツコ / Natsuko TANIGUCHI  田中陽子 / Yoko TANAKA
山中雅彦 / Masahiko YAMANAKA  宝居智子 / Tomoko HOKYO
宏二郎 / Kojiro  鶴川勝一 / Shoichi TSURUKAWA



2019年10月10日よりマレーシア・クアラルンプールにて開催されるArt Expo Malaysia 2019に,



Art Expo Malaysia 2019

日時:VIP - 2019年10月10日
一般 - 2019年10月11日~13日

会場:MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Center( MECC ), Kuala Lumpur

Art Expo Malaysia HP:

谷口ナツコ / Natsuko TANIGUCHI  田中陽子 / Yoko TANAKA
山中雅彦 / Masahiko YAMANAKA  宝居智子 / Tomoko HOKYO
宏二郎 / Kojiro  鶴川勝一 / Shoichi TSURUKAWA


September 10, 2019Interview article on website/UNMIXLOVE

I received an interview by Yasuo Yoshikawa. I felt he is a very kind and friendly person. More surprisingly, I could feel relux even it was my first time to meet him. Yoshikawa san is very much talented to pull out the internal feeling and good motivation of personnel, I think, that is maybe brought from his experience of making up many people. I’m glad if you look the article!

Tomoko Hokyo Gallery for unmixlove

April 03, 2019Tomoko Hokyo Solo Exhibition—The world of I and Space and Plants

Information Notice
Solo exhibition to be held.


“Tomoko Hokyo Solo Exhibition—The world of I and Space and Plants”

Date: from 15th of May (Wed) to 21st of May (Tue)
Time: 10:00 am-8:00 pm (closes at 7:30 pm on Sunday, and at 6:00 pm on the final day.)

Place: Art Gallery on the 7th floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi

Gallery Talk: starts at 2:00 pm on the 18th of May (Sat).

Artist Staying Date: I’ll be at the gallery every day during the exhibition (from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm).


I am looking forward to seeing you at the gallery.



On Sparkling eyes


In recent years, more and more news about inhuman child abuse is reaching me. I feel deeply grieved over the present situation where some child abuse cases will come out only after losing such children’s lives, and over the fact that many children are bearing harsh abuses even just now.

Furthermore, under the circumstances where more foreign workers are employed, educational environments for the children of foreign residents have not been improved. I feel bitterly disappointed with such usual situations where the problems of child education are left unattended to. Turning our attention to overseas circumstances finds immigration issues and poverty issues becoming more pressing to make educational environments for children change drastically.

Although civilization has developed to make living comfortable, a human being’s mind has become too much occupied with his/her own affairs and both adults and children are suffering stress in this contemporary society, making how we should build the future a big challenge.

I execute works on the themes of “love and children (the future).” Children in my works think of nature and the universe as well as “What the human beings are?” These days people are easily swayed by the thought of immediate profit in their busy daily life. I am happy if my works become a moment for someone to gaze into the far future.

What kind of scenery will the big Sparkling eyes gazing into the future reflect from now on? Only we adults can protect such beautiful eyes. I earnestly wish to stay close to the hearts of those who watch my works filled with tender love and to enrich their hearts. I will be executing my works hoping the whole world filled with some love and peace.


Tomoko Hokyo

March 04, 2019Information Notice-Radio

【Information Notice-Radio】
◆Radio program name / J-WAVE TOKYO MORNING RADIO
◆Personality / Tetsuya Bessho
◆Broadcaster / J-WAVE(81.3 FM)
Broadcast date / time
6:00am-9:00am on6th(Mar)of Wed.
◆My interview will be aired from 8:35am-8:50


“Bijinga Zukushi 2nd” A book launch Exhibition (Group exhibition)


Information Notice

“Bijinga Zukushi 2nd” A book launch Exhibition (Group exhibition)
Place: Gallery Art Morimoto (Japan)/
Date: from 4th of Mar to 10th 
Time: 10:30am – 6:30pm

I’ll be at gallery in accordance with the schedule below;
9th: 4:00pm-6:30pm


February 05, 2019Information Notice-Radio

【Information Notice-Radio】
◆Radio program name / FUTURESCAPE
◆Personality / Kundo Koyama、
◆Broadcaster/Fm yokohama 
Broadcast date / time
9:00am-10:30am on9th(Sat)of Feb.
◆My appearance / 10:00am-10:30am



February 01, 2019Posting Announcement on Website

【Posting Announcement on Website】

My work, its usage and a creation video were put on the website for Orenz 0.2mm (a mechanical pencil) of Pentel, a Japanese stationery company.

This mechanical pencil is usable without an anxiety of a lead brokerage despite an extra-fine lead of 0.2mm. I always use this mechanical pencil in transcribing my designs. The composition of a work may change if the position becomes misaligned, even by 1mm, during transcribing it. Therefore, I have been looking for a no-break mechanical pencil. I’ll continue to use this regularly.